Our Backstory

Sherrill Curtis


Founder , My Talent Pipeline


Principal & Creative Director

Curtis Consulting Group, LLC

"It's About
Fulfilling the Potential
That Wants, and is Waiting, to Happen"

Nearly three decades ago, I began workforce readiness guest speaking and volunteering with schools and non-profits, creating national award winning career transition support programs, career fairs and special employer educational events. The focus was always on serving job seekers representing diverse in-need groups - from grammar school to past retirement age, women survivors of trauma, homeless, veterans, and differently-abled, under-employed talent.


After looking deeply at how to bundle all the energy and focus into fulfilling their common core need - meaningful employment - My Talent Pipeline was launched in April, 2019.

Together with kindred-souled colleagues and collaborators, we co-create safe space opportunities for all stakeholders to come together for the confidence-building conversations. Each virtual or in-person event is designed to directly connect leaders in business, education, services, and government with the skilled talent. We provide the training and experiences for all sides of the interview desk to collaboratively engage in developing the right-fit solutions that support meaningful employment for differently-abled talent in our communities.

Our mantra to eradicate barriers to employment?

No excuses, only solutions.

Join us to be a part of the progress!

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