My Talent Pipeline was created by passionate professionals who experienced a line in the sand moment. With a "no excuses, only solutions" mantra, we crossed over and stepped into

fulfilling the potential to eradicate employment barriers 

for differently-abled talent.


We create safe space opportunities for all stakeholders - business, education, non-profit services, community organizations, and government - to connect, and collaboratively engage in developing the right-fit solutions that support employment of differently-abled talent in our communities.


Our commitment for transformation includes co-developing

long term solutions for: transportation; building accessibility;

housing; and other issues that impact employment

opportunities for this talent pool. 


Through our free member referrals, employers connect with

service providers to share job openings, learn about and

meet KSA (knowledge, skills and abilities)

pre-screened, qualified candidates.


Join our community to become part of the solution!



Our Passionate Members

The My Talent Pipeline community is comprised of business leaders and professionals representing cross sector stakeholders, co-creating sustainable solutions that support meaningful employment opportunities for differently-abled talent.

These catalysts of innovation represent successful businesses - from mom and pop or solopreneuers to LLC’s, .org’s and .com giants. Each member is engaged and invested, not only in their business, yet also in their community. As such, members mindfully seek, recognize and leverage talent from all source possibilities - including differently-abled and veteran talent.


Members also understand leveraging abilities might include a job redesign for a current team member. This could be needed for: the biz development survivor of a spinal cord injury while skiing; the collections manager with a new speech pattern since her mini-stroke; or the one out of four* employees navigating a mental health issue.

What We Do


Our members' diverse expertise, industries, and perspectives offer timely, relevant support for the community by sharing solution options to every day business, service provider, and talent challenges.


The community stays abreast of trends, and integrates best practices, through educational events and shared network resources. At the symposiums, the community engages in the opportunity for deeper reflection, respectfully exchanging ideas as they discover and explore solutions, then establish implementation plans.


Each year we recognize and showcase the significant, measurable impact produced by businesses and service organizations in our community. Annual recognition includes employers and team member(s) candidly sharing their business success stories.

We also strive to mainstream talent acquisition strategies that include tapping into the differently-abled talent pool. Our meet-the-candidates events - both virtually and in-person - provide easeful engagement for community members from all sides of the interview desk to gain confidence with their interview and selection process skills.

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Through live-virtual, and in-person, events we offer opportunities for education,

networking, and engaged discovery dialogue between guest speakers and participants.

Each event fosters awareness, sharing insights, and successful practices.

Want to learn more about how you can make a measurable impact in your organization?

Are you looking for replicable solutions or new resources?

Do you have an idea to share as a possible solution to an employment challenge? 


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, join us for our next event and

experience being part of the solution! 


Subscribe to become a member and

experience the free benefits of our community!

Free Tools and Resources

Support for Conscious Companies

Virtual-Live and In-Person Events

Access to a Community of

Innovative Professionals

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Support for Talent



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